What are some tips for beginning artists?

One of the most important top tips are to do what you do with love. And this concerns not only for artists, but absolutely for everyone! Everything will end up if only there is love. Because when it is – that is: beauty, life, sincerity and the soul.
Never fear failure. You can strive for perfection all your life, but never reach it, so don’t panic. Only the one who does nothing is not mistaken.

What are your future plans? Do you plan to paint in a different genre?

I work in the style of impressionism and abstraction, but I don’t adhere to the strict framework of the genre, because painting should be born out of feelings. Plans to make art, create in all directions, take on everything at once. As long as there is a desire, it is necessary to struggle and work, to improve it every time. Plans for coming years are to hold exhibitions in the cities of Europe and America.

What do you think about the purpose of art?

I think that it’s can’t be beautiful or ugly, understandable or incomprehensible picture. This is all about the deep inner. This is a tool not only for studying the outside world, but firstly – understanding yourself. Very often I came across the fact that a person, which looking some arts became asking questions by yourself if only he had never asked it earlier… And here it is interesting, because painting or any other object of art can cause the most diverse storm of emotions, reveal you from absolutely unknown sides! Each canvas is like a separate life, filled with special energy. Those who are nearby are also filled with this energy. With the help of painting you can tell about the most important and hidden things without words.

How did you discover charity, and for how long?

I am engage in charity not so long as I’m painting. Charity began with the fact that my colleague was going to the orphanage to take some things for the children. And then I’d wanted to make ​​a master class for them. Actually, it’s wrong to take things without paying attention to children. Also the most important thing for them is love and attention. There was an idea to draw a collective picture. It was an elephant. All necessary materials were purchased by myself and finally we set off. The work exceeded all expectations, the children really enjoyed drawing. Even the most skeptical children were carried away in the process and were very pleased and proud.

Then came up with a panel in the form of 12 paintings, under one rainbow. Title of work is “fabulous city.” Every child painted home of their dreams. At the end of the master class, putting together all the pictures came out a magical city. They were very happy, because everyone put a piece of happiness and hope in his house.

When and how did you find your style?

Most of all my work is focusing on the color, is’s like a special separate philosophy for me. Color is a source of constant search. I’m studying the physical and psychological characteristics of colors, the search for new combinations, tones, the creation of new interesting compositions, shades and gradations. I think there is no end to this topic for perfection, you can always find, learn something new. Of course, the form and composition are also of great importance. But I can’t say that I stopped at a particular style, subject or direction, and in the future I won’t stop!

Where do you get inspiration from?

Actually I love to travel. Both in different countries and in small towns of picturesque Ukraine. I love to communicate with children, to share emotions, experiences and love
with them .
After any trip, I quickly begin to write pictures, I want to share my impressions and energy with people.
It happens, you will immediately see a picture of a silhouette in the shadows on dry grass, in patterns on winter glass, in puddles after rain … yes anywhere. Even in a dream, if remembered, and made sketches. You draw and then you see what it is that asked to manifest itself in our world. That is, ideas come, either from the world of feelings, thoughts and dreams, or the material world gives hints of something interesting around us.

How did you become an artist, why did you choose this profession now?

It has become a necessity for me. I’d worked in the IT company, in the world of programs, numbers and codes for many years . At the beginning of work, everything suited me, it was interesting, fascinating, prestigious. But the soul is still somewhere sought to something incomprehensible at that time.
Then I started with the then popular paintings by numbers, it fascinated me so much that when I came home after work, I couldn’t even eat – give me the main thing! After some time, began to paint in oils. And that’s it! The process doesn’t stop. With each of my new paintings I wanted to draw more and more. Learn and draw, constantly improving a technique of execution.
For me drawing is like a way to think, dream, learn. Sometimes I immerse myself in my inner world and experience the outer one through myself. I mean, this is one of the ways to live. Being an artist is what comes out from the inside, what you live and get high.