How did you become an artist, why did you choose this profession now?

It has become a necessity for me. I’d worked in the IT company, in the world of programs, numbers and codes for many years . At the beginning of work, everything suited me, it was interesting, fascinating, prestigious. But the soul is still somewhere sought to something incomprehensible at that time.
Then I started with the then popular paintings by numbers, it fascinated me so much that when I came home after work, I couldn’t even eat – give me the main thing! After some time, began to paint in oils. And that’s it! The process doesn’t stop. With each of my new paintings I wanted to draw more and more. Learn and draw, constantly improving a technique of execution.
For me drawing is like a way to think, dream, learn. Sometimes I immerse myself in my inner world and experience the outer one through myself. I mean, this is one of the ways to live. Being an artist is what comes out from the inside, what you live and get high.

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