How did you discover charity, and for how long?

I am engage in charity not so long as I’m painting. Charity began with the fact that my colleague was going to the orphanage to take some things for the children. And then I’d wanted to make ​​a master class for them. Actually, it’s wrong to take things without paying attention to children. Also the most important thing for them is love and attention. There was an idea to draw a collective picture. It was an elephant. All necessary materials were purchased by myself and finally we set off. The work exceeded all expectations, the children really enjoyed drawing. Even the most skeptical children were carried away in the process and were very pleased and proud.

Then came up with a panel in the form of 12 paintings, under one rainbow. Title of work is “fabulous city.” Every child painted home of their dreams. At the end of the master class, putting together all the pictures came out a magical city. They were very happy, because everyone put a piece of happiness and hope in his house.

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