Information Flows, Flow #7

Flow #7 , acrylic on canvas, 60×100 cm, 2019
The last picture from the series “Information flows” I wrote under the impression of the boy Artem, from the orphanage in the village of Tsibli. Artem, 13 years old. The picture impressed me. He tooks the Spanish artist Street art El Pez ,, as a basis, but wrote it in its own way, the name of the picture is “Mother Above All”!
Mother is nature, mother is a parent, mother is the beginning of life … Mother, mommy, mummy, mother practically sounds the same in all languages. I immediately formed an image and colors, red, blue, yellow. When the picture was painted, I realized that intuitively I took the colors that are used in the icons. This confirmed my identification, all that is in us is laid on the gene level by our ancestors.

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