Lisbon. Museu Calouste Gulbenkian-Modern Collection

José Sobral de Almada Negreiros (April 7, 1893 – June 15, 1970) was a Portuguese artist, writer, poet and playwright, directly associated with a group of modernists.

He was also one of the most important employees of Orpheus magazine. He studied in Portugal at Jesuit College, gained the notoriety of a bully and rowdy there, and in 1911 he entered the International University of Lisbon. Not yet finished, he begins to exhibit and at his exhibition he meets Fernando Pessoa, with whom he will work in the journal Orpheus in the future. Portrait of Pessoa – the most famous work of Almad Negreirush. Influence on his creative formation had Fernand Leger, Pablo Picasso, Robert Delaunay, Sonia Delaunay.

Monument ‘Reminiscent of Almada Negreiros’ in Lisbon, Portugal, close to the Tagus River A steel-made artwork was erected in 2014 in honor of the outstanding diagram of modern Portuguese culture, by the artist José Sobral de Almada Negreiros In addition to literature and paintings, Almada launched choreography’s ballet, and work on tapestry, engraving, wall paintings, caricature, mosaic, azulejo and stained glass

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