About me

My name is Oksana Okhapkina.  For more than 20 years I worked as a programmer in IT companies, but I was always drawn to creativity. Everyone in life has it’s own trait, so to say life “before” and “after.” So my life “after” turned out to be so creative and productive that I can’t help but share with you this feeling of fulfillment and happiness.  I was born in Central Asia, but I’ve been living in Ukraine for all my adult life. I have absorbed the flavor of two very different, but at the same time similar countries, so the pictures are filled with bright colors with subtle notes of Ukrainian and Oriental culture.
I am a happy person and an incorrigible optimist! I love travelling and find my inspiration in it. I see the world as bright and positive, full of harmony and love. I invest in writing a picture all energy. And I’m absolutely open for painting experiments.


2019Oksana Okhapkina: “My Way”, Globus Gallery, Kyiv


2020Art project “TRACE”, festival of contemporary Ukrainian art, Museum of History of Kyiv, Kyiv
2020“Different-X”, International on-line project, Museum of the History of Kyiv, Kyiv
2019“The Mystery of the Senses”, Sikorsky Gallery, Kyiv
2019“A Place of Inspiration”, Art in Public Space, Kyiv
2019“All the Colors of the World, Turkey”, House of Artists, Kyiv
2019“All the Colors of the World, Slovakia”, House of Artists, Kyiv
2018“All the Colors of the World, Turkey”, House of Artists, Kyiv
201845th International Congress on the Management of Vestibular Disorders, Kyiv


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2019Art catalog No. 2, Globus Gallery, pp38-41

Works are in private collections in the USA, India, Russia, and Ukraine.