Memory Сells.Family

Family – how much meaning and love is putting into one word!

This is the source of the most sacred values of man. This is a school of love, a school of morality, spiritual values.

If a person speaks of a house as a heart, then a family is his soul, his thoughts and feelings. Unfortunately, we do not always tell our loved ones about our feelings for them. How often do we really think and worry about them.

Now we live in a difficult time, when everyone is scared of the virus. The pandemic is growing and it seems that quarantine will last forever.

However, what else, if not quarantine, could force us to slow down and reflect. What is important for us … Money, career, success? On the other hand, the health of their loved ones, the warmth of spiritual conversations, the unconditional love of relatives.

At such moments, you begin to appreciate the time spent with people dear to yourself. The memory cells themselves begin to give out happy moments that you want to capture for centuries.

In this picture, I wanted to betray that fullness of feelings of warmth, love overwhelming my soul. What unites four generations of completely different people? Different in profession, different in temperament, different in age and experience. At the same time wonderfully getting along with each other. The foundation of family values unites all – caring, respect and of course unconditional love!

The universe has once again made us aware of the true wealth of man. Thank it for that!

My Family
I am a son, grandson, great-grandson!
I am a Parent, grandFather , foreFather!
I am a daughter, Mother, grandMother!
I am a son, grandson, Father!
Memory cells. Family, 2020
oil, acrylic on canvas

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