Memory cells. Dreams

A series of works “Memory Cells” I started in March 2020 in quarantine, when the whole world paused. Only my travel memories allowed me to start working on a new series of Memory Cells. Our memory is very selective; I am interested in exploring memory markers. They are many-sided memories: the first kiss, the smile of a baby, the taste of childhood, the smell, why we remember only certain moments in our lives.

In isolation, the installation of the Portuguese artist Ana Vieira (1940-2016) and her installation “Ambiente – Sala de Jantar” (“Environment – Dining Room”) always appeared before my eyes. This once again shows how much a work of art can be, and how you can rethink it in the current time and moment, and how much it matches your current worldview. It was a litmus test for me, which you put in a glass and you see a chemical reaction.

Such a chemical reaction showed the picture “Dreams”. Where in a confined space in his room the kid dreams of the sea, or maybe I used to dream very much about the sea, which I saw for the first time in my 30s.

Whether it will remain a dream, whether it depends only on us, as it turned out not. The whole world has paused, and now attempts are just beginning to enter a normal course. Therefore, the question arises that a person appreciates what he has to lose.

For me it is freedom. What is happiness when there is freedom, when there is freedom of movement, when there is freedom of choice, freedom of speech, freedom to do what you like? When you can freely walk the streets, travel to different countries and go to the sea.

Memory Cells. Dreams, 2020, 80x80cm, oil on canvas

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