Memory cells.Travel

Memory cells. Travel to Portugal.

The idea of ​​painting came about after visiting Portugal. I was so inspired by this bright, cheerful country that I tried to write in the style of the traditional Portuguese Azulejos, which is a painted clay tile, most often square in shape, burnt, glazed, measuring 14 cm by 14 cm.

These are small plots, my memories of this amazing country. The idea was also to fill the picture with light, color, the joy of life, art, and so that each storyline echoes the neighboring one, and that when looking at the picture you also wanted to go there.

It’s also my reflection, the dialogue with Portuguese artists – Ana Vieira (1940-2016) and its installation “Ambiente – Sala de Jantar” (“The Environment – the Dining Room”), as well as Almada Negreiros (1893 – 1970) with whose work whom I met in the museum of Galust Gyulbenkyan. This is an art museum in Lisbon, which stores a collection of European fine art, as well as a number of monuments of oriental and ancient art, assembled by businessman Galust Gyulbenkyan. It was opened on October 2, 1969 according to the will of a billionaire and is subsidized by a fund named after him.

“The way Gulbenkian used his fortune throughout his life, and the way he disposed of it in his will, demonstrates his understanding of the social function of wealth and its corresponding obligations,” they will write in Portugal 20 years after the death of Galust Gulbenkian.

Memory Cells. Travel to Portugal, 2020

oil on canvas

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